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10 December 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Going to have the baby!  
I head up to Anchorage, AK tomorrow from Seward, AK via the Busline in order to stay there for the duration of my pregnancy. Kaelee is due the 6th of January but everyone thinks because she's a tiny baby that she'll be early or late so I don't know.

I'm only 36 weeks pregnant this week so I'll be in Anchorage at least a month Dx!!! By myself.

Christmas is going to suck; not that I really celebrate it anyways but I get to be alone in my hotel room this year. I plan on spending it with a candle lit bubble bath, sparkling cider, sushi, chinese take out and a box of chocolate haha; that is how I want to spend it.

Thanks everyone for everything. I'll be posting pictures when she's born; miss you guys!