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About Tsutski Rei
Image and video hosting by TinyPicHi! I'm Chels, but people call me Maa or Tae~

I like to be myself, which is generally loud, out going and lazy at times O-o I love video games? Ones such as Final Fantasy, Magna Carta, any RPG really.

I'm a mother now. I have a daughter and fiance. I'm back in my home state of Alaska and loving it though it seems a lot colder than I once remembered haha.

I love to roleplay and write and I'm currently writing my own book of which I hope to get published one day.

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I love to draw and write fanfics ^^ It's my biggest hobby. I like JRock such as the bands, Alice Nine, 12012, Gazette, LM.C. I also like Chinese Pop like JJ Lin and Leehom Wang. I also like Korean pop; something I didn't like at first and had to grow into. My favorites being Super Junior, DBSK/Tohoshinki, Black Beat, ZE:A, D-NA, U-Kiss, F.Cuz, SS501, B2ST(BEAST), MBLAQ, Teen Top, X-Cross, Supernova, TOUCH, SHINee, The TRAX, FT. Island, CN:Blue, Infinite, B1A4, Block B, Lee Hyeon from 8eight, Mighty Mouth, 2PM, Big Bang <- Just to name a few? XD.

My favorite Jrock band is Alice Nine, and my favorite band member is Nao. He is very talented and I hope that he becomes more skilled as the years pass. I've often had my hair style like his, and in some color close to his dye.

MBLAQ has made me fall in love with them because of Joon's smile, Seungho's kindness, Mir's dorkiness, Cheondong's shyness, and G.O.'s gruffness. Nothing less than that, they are truely something to show inspiration towards younger generations and possibly older.

B2ST is the same way. Though Yoseob is my favorite out of the group, the other's compare to him because of their childish nature and fun faces, attitudes and smiles. Put the two groups together and you get MEAST, something even more inspirational and fun. I just want to watch them smile and grow up with the boys because they are all around my age <3 I just love them so much =3

ZE:A and D-NA are probably my top two K-pop groups now though. As much as that may pain others to see? XD Nah. I just love these groups so much. They have so much heart and with each new comeback and album and picture and live, they get more and more talented it seems. Yes D-NA has been doing it longer, so they will only get better, and ZE:A are newbies but good god, they have so much talent that is put forth, and it's a good thing too because no one would like them as much if they didn't put forth everything they had right? They're just, very talented for coming out just recently =3 They've been through a lot of crap too to become how they are, so I envy them all for that.

Teen Top recently snuck into the top three groups I love XD I have no idea how they did that but somehow they did. They're all very talented and even though Clap only shows off three of their voices, having seen the videos their PD records of them and the stuff they do for each other; you can really see the talent. The Happy Birthday song for Niel that they recorded really showed off their singing, so it was a good thing. :3 They're really anticy which I love haha. Dorks they are.

The types of foods I like depends on what is in the house but it's mostly Japanese, like ramyeon, sushi, yakisoba, udon, miso and Chinese like egg rolls and chow mien <33 So good. Cucumber rolls are a must as well <3 I really love anything Asian and that's mainly what I do cook in the house. Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Philipino, Korean, that's all I grew up on in Alaska. I can cook a lot of things but my main dishes would be anything with Chicken (Sweet n' Sour, General Tso, Kung Pao) and stuff with Beef in it (Bulgogi, Stir Fry, Fried Rice.)

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I am in the Homosexual world. I am bisexual and if you don't like it.... don't friend me? I seriously can't stand homophobes because I live with two of the biggest ones and hate it severely.

I do love meeting new people and hope to find some new friends who like the same stuff I do. I know that's sometimes hard because of conflicting interests or personalities, but all I can do is wish for the best in people ^--^

Back in Alaska! And loving it ^^ I can't wait for more adventures. I'm having a blast up here and it's really enjoyable with my family and new friends. I'm in a place so different from our own, a place where anything can happen and everyone will know. A place where dreams can happen...

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