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09 March 2013 @ 06:52 am
I'm 22 and loving it!  

I know I haven't been on here a lot and it's because of my new angel ^^ Kaelee is such a cutie I have to spend so much time with her; plus my Mom stole the internet when she moved Dx That doesn't help either haha.

I got some pictures of my sweetheart that I wanted to share ^^


Sleepy little girl. The worst part is she just got some of her shots a few days ago and isn't feeling too good Dx Makes me feel sad! She has this new cute little whine she does when she's in pain though ^^

Lately I've been reading The Vampire Diaries series, as well as watching the show. Finished the first series of Inuyasha and all 4 movies, now downloading the second series ^^ Can't wait to finish it!

Wheeee. I love being a mom though. Kaelee is my pride and joy and as much stress as I have, she just melts my heart each day. I can't help it.

I plan on writing more soon, but I won't be able to post it until each Saturday, so beware of MANY posts of fanfics and what not. I've been drawing too so I hope to share those with you guys as well.


For my 22nd birthday, Dillon got me a really pretty necklace and we took a 3 day trip to a place in Alaska called Anchor Point. It's a small town outside of Homer, AK. I got to see some family friends and some close friends of mine and spend a few days with them; I was so happy. I love Dillon so much for doing that with/for me. He makes me feel so special.
マァヤ-ちゃんkyten_zstutsuru on March 16th, 2013 02:38 pm (UTC)
i know! i hope i can meet you too; same with Kristen. both of you have been there for me through so much haha; i think it's been at least 3 years now ^^ yeah, like at the end of 2009 i believe

the books are alright, i mean, there's "more" to them than the show but i do prefer the show more, i just want to read them to see how much has changed, and believe you me, it's A LOT but i love, love love the show, it's more adapted to making it a drama and that it'll go on for years; they're already planning on the 5th season :3 im so happy <3!